Laebon, Martin win national awards


North Ridge Development - Saskatoon Multi-Family and Gilroy Homes take top honours as Avid Canada Diamond Award winners

TORONTO (July 13, 2016) – In recognition of the best builders providing extraordinary customer experiences, Avid® Ratings Canada is proud to announce the winners of the 13th annual Avid Awards. Homebuilders throughout North America are honoured with the prestigious awards for scoring highest with their customers on home buying experience surveys. The 2016 Avid Awards are the largest award program in North America recognizing customer satisfaction in homebuilding. This year’s program had 1,445 qualifying builders from all over the United States and Canada, almost double the size of last year’s program. All winners were recognized on July 13th at the digital presentation of the Avid Awards, viewable at

“We are excited to recognize the winners of the 2016 Avid Awards, who have all set the bar for home quality and customer service across North America,” said Tim Bailey, division president of Avid Ratings Canada. “It is our goal to provide homeowners with the security that a builder in their region can not only meet, but exceed, home buying expectations.”  

Homebuilding companies included in this year’s results represent Canada’s largest private builders and hundreds of small volume and custom builders from coast to coast. Homeowners who purchased new homes in 2015 were surveyed to determine the winners of the 2016 award. The top two winners were North Ridge Development - Saskatoon Multi-Family and Gilroy Homes, taking top honours as Diamond Award winners.

“To us, being an Avid Award winner means that our warranty program, our service and our products are meeting our customers’ satisfaction,” said Errol Fisher, vice president of operations at North Ridge Development. “This feedback comes directly from our customers, so it means we’re achieving the goals we’re setting out to.”

The Avid Awards are regarded as a trusted benchmark of customer service performance in the homebuilding industry. Avid Ratings has long been at the forefront of the industry in bringing transparency of builder performance to consumers by consumers since 1992. In order to determine the Avid Award winners, homebuilding companies are evaluated using Avid's award-winning GoSurvey® program and database. Every home buyer survey in the database is analyzed to determine each builder's Avid Index Score, which is a combination of the total home buying experience, the willingness to refer, and the actual number of recommendations a buyer has made. Builders with the highest Avid Index Score in each category are presented with awards. Each award-winning company must score at or above the top 25th percentile in the United States or Canada to be recognized with an Avid Award. To provide even more transparency, many participating builders publish all of their completed (and unedited) reviews and star ratings online via Avid’s GoSocial® program and at

“Part of our brand promise is that we are a trustworthy company that consumers can rely upon,” Bailey said. “Integrity is of paramount importance to us, which is why home buyers and builders alike can be assured that the Avid Awards are based on surveys of 100 percent verified customers with over 50- to 70-percent response rates, and therefore have true meaning behind them.”

Avid Diamond Award
The Avid Diamond Award is given to builders scoring the highest on their New Home Move In Experience™ survey (based on purchasing experience within the first 90 days in the home). One builder in the production category and one in the custom builder category were named as Diamond Award recipients.

Avid Diamond Award:
- North Ridge Development - Saskatoon Multi-Family

Avid Diamond Award Custom/Small Volume Builders:
- Gilroy Homes

Avid Gold Award
Avid also distinguishes top building companies on a local level with the Avid Gold Awards. This honour is awarded to leading builders within four provinces in Canada who received the highest on their New Home Move In Experience™ survey (based on purchasing experience within the first 90 days in the home) out of all qualifying builders in their area.

Avid Gold Award winners are as follows:

Province of Alberta
- Jayman BUILT - Innovations Calgary Division

Province of British Columbia
- Portrait Homes

Province of Ontario
- Mattamy Homes - Halton/Hamilton Division

Province of Saskatchewan
- Northridge Development - Regina Multi-Family

Avid Benchmark Award
The Avid Benchmark Award is presented to the second- and third-place builders that rank among the top 25 percent nationwide (up to two per province) in the New Home Move In Experience™ survey (based on purchasing experience within the first 90 days in the home). There were a total of eight recipients this year.

The following builders were selected for the Avid Benchmark Award:

Province of Alberta
- Brookfield Residential - Calgary Multi-family
- Laebon Developments

Province of British Columbia
- Concert Properties
- Totangi Properties

Province of Ontario
- Mattamy Homes - Ottawa Division
- Rinaldi Homes

Province of Saskatchewan
- Montana Homes
- Ehrenberg Homes

Avid Service Awards
Recognizing top homebuilding employees in Canada with individual honours, the Avid Service Award is awarded to professionals active in (and for the categories of) Sales, Design, Construction and Customer Service.

The winners of the 2016 Avid Service Award include (listed by category and in alphabetical name order)

Aaron Martin                                                     Laebon Developments Ltd.

Alina Sezanaeva                                               Brookfield Residential Calgary Albi

Amanda Hill                                                       Mattamy Homes - Halton/Hamilton Division

Andy Wong                                                       Mattamy Homes - Halton/Hamilton Division

Barry Thuen                                                       Homes by Dream - Regina Division

Brandon Sheehan                                             Mattamy Homes - Toronto Division

Chantelle Beuerlein                                          Bedrock Homes

Christina Reid                                                    Bedrock Homes

Danielle Girhiny                                                 Rinaldi Homes

Debby Garrett                                                    Mattamy Homes - Halton/Hamilton Division

Edward Luiz                                                        Mattamy Homes - Toronto Division        

Enrico Métivier                                                    Pro-Fab

Ginnie Grieco                                                      Great Gulf Homes

Kelly Brandon                                                     Mattamy Homes - Toronto Division

Kelly Leca                                                             Mattamy Homes - Toronto Division

Kelsey Priddle                                                     Bedrock Homes

Laurie Hill                                                             Mattamy Homes - Toronto Division

Lindsey Maris                                                      Mountainview Homes

Marta Shaughnessy                                           Mattamy Homes - Halton/Hamilton Division

Nick Hill                                                                Mattamy Homes - Halton/Hamilton Division

Salene O’Connor                                                Bedrock Homes

Stacey White                                                      Brookfield Residential - Edmonton Multi-Family

Tarina Ly                                                              Homes by Dream - Regina Division

Vingy Alexander                                                Rinaldi Homes

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