Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal; why not make that go for your house as well? Spring cleaning is a time-honored ritual for a reason - the fresh air and greenery outdoors make us want to prettify our indoor spaces, too. It just makes us feel better. But if the mere thought seems overwhelming, here are a few tips to get you started.

The big spring cleanup takes time, and preparation is key in order to start cleaning up your home. That being said, why not make an inventory of what you think you might need and what you already have. Here’s a small list of frequently used cleaning items for big cleanups:
•    Vacuum cleaner & vacuum cleaner bags
•    Cleaning mop
•    Trash cans and garbage bags
•    Bathroom cleaners
•    Household cleaners
•    Kitchen Cleaners
•    Kitchen paper
•    Hand Soap and Sanitizers
•    Bleach
•    Outdoor cleaners
•    Glass and window cleaners
•    Brooms
•    Cleaners
•    Mop pails
•    Storage unit

One Room or Section at a Time
One important tip that turns spring cleaning into a much more manageable project is to clean one room at a time, turning a formidable task like cleaning the whole house into something smaller and simpler like cleaning the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom.  Once you have finished one room, take a break before starting the next and the imposing task of spring cleaning becomes one easily accomplished job after another.

Make a list of the stuff you want to keep, throw away or store somewhere else, in order to clean up the house and free up space, designed for living. That old surfboard and drums are taking up too much space in the garage for years, which was designed as a garage, not as a messy storage place. Free up room by either giving it away, selling it, or store it at a storage facility. Also go through bedroom drawers and closets - Anything you haven’t worn in a year donate to a local charity, it will feel good to give back and to clear up some space in your home.  

Clean from the top down
Simply beginning spring cleaning can be the most difficult part, but with a proper plan in place, the annoyance of a deep cleaning can easily be overcome.  One trick to simplifying spring cleaning is to work from the top down.  All this means is to start dusting, wiping, and cleaning from the highest point in the room and work your way down towards the floor.  As you jostle the dirt and dust around on the high areas any loose debris that avoids your cleaning rag will fall to the floor.  Then once everything has been dusted and cleaned simply sweep and mop the floor for a finished project.

Don’t overdo it – Make it fun
Most people don’t feel like cleaning up, especially not the big boring spring clean up. Therefore it’s important to make the best of it and don’t overdo stuff. You don’t have to clean every spoon or book on the shelf separately inside out. If it’s clean, it’s clean!! So, try not to be too pessimistic, turn up the music, make yourself comfortable and don’t forget to treat yourself! If you really don’t feel like it, you can also ask a friend to help, and in return you help cleaning up their house. Double the fun!