Buy New Move Now - Reasons to consider a Quick Possession Home

Sometimes families need a home right away, for that reason Laebon always has a great selection of Move-in Ready/Quick Possession Homes available. Below are some key reasons to consider a Move-in Ready/Quick Possession home.  

Time - Maybe you’ve sold your home already or are moving into town for the first time and want all the comforts and amenities that only a new home can provide but don’t have time to start from scratch. Laebon has a couple different options to purchase a brand new home depending on your timeline.

1) Move-in Ready Homes: Homes that are built and ready for you and your family to call them home

2) Quick Possession Homes: Are homes that are currently under construction and could be anywhere from 1 week to 4 months away from being completed. The cool thing about Quick Possession Homes is that depending on where in the construction process the home is, homeowners may get to add their own personal touches to the home – Like paint colours, flooring, tile selections etc.   

What you see is what you get - The idea of buying a new home that you cannot view beforehand can be an anxious thought for some. It's reassuring to be able to walk through the house you will eventually call home. You'll get a feel for the physical space, see the colour of the walls and the quality of the fixtures, and maybe even test the water pressure in the shower!

Peace of mind – No need to worry about aging foundations, leaking roofs, or what type of insulation was used, like you do when purchasing an older home.

Quick Possession Homes are brand new and built with the latest technology and products, as per the most up-to-date building codes. Best of all every Laebon home comes with an 1,2,5,10 year Alberta New Home Warranty.

No decisions to make – Other than choosing the Quick Possession home that best fits your needs there are no decisions to make.  The process of building a custom home from scratch can be a bit overwhelming for some people. If you’re the kind of person that gets stressed out choosing an ice cream flavour at the local ice cream shop, let’s be honest, building a brand new home from the ground up probably isn’t going to be your cup of tea. Pre-built homes can come in a variety of sizes, styles and product types – from condos and townhomes to duplexes and single-family homes –Laebon has something for everyone. 

Our pros do the design for you - If you aren’t confident with your interior design and decorating skills, let our professional designers do the work for you! All of the selections and colour palettes in our Move-In Ready Homes/Quick Possession homes are carefully planned and chosen by our talented team.

The price is the price - If you have been saving up and want to stay within your budget, you’ll be happy to know that Quick Possession Homes have set prices as the home is complete, no customization is required and all costs have been factored in prior to buying. 

So if you need a home right away consider a new home from Laebon Homes. Laebon always has a great selection of Move-in Ready & Quick Possession Homes available throughout Central Alberta, with homes ranging from $239,900 to $524,900 chances are your next home is waiting for you - Find your perfect fit today! 

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