Hot home design trends so far in 2017

Our Design Consultant Samantha, discusses what is trending in home design right now.

With swirling patterns and timeless sophistication, marble is an excellent way to bring traditional and luxurious style into any space. You don’t need to shell out big bucks for large slabs of flooring or kitchen countertops to enjoy this beautiful stone. Try adding table coasters and cutting boards in the kitchen and dining area to create an accent table, or marble tile makes a beautiful choice for any kitchen or bathroom. If you’re looking for a budget friendly alternative quarts can give the style and feel of marble, without the price tag!

Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the kitchen and looks wonderful in traditional silver and gold tones as well as bronze or glass. The use of brass hardware for kitchens is on the rise and is to be expected since we’ve all been giddy for gold in the past few years. This trendy option offers a matte satin finish with clean lines and fresh, modern feel. Some of our homeowners have been pairing their brass hardware with brass lighting and plumbing fixtures as well for a super stylish twist.


White Cabinets
We’ve been seeing more and more homeowners choose white cabinets. Opting for this bright cabinetry option can really brighten up the room and make it seem larger. In addition, if there’s a large window in the area the light and space will be just that much more striking. To make a stylish statement try using contrasting colour elsewhere in the kitchen like black accents of a coloured backsplash for a grand first impression! 

Contrasting Islands
This bold statement speaks for itself! A contrasting island can add a splash of colour and drama to your kitchen. They key to nailing this bold trend is to make it modern and choose a contrasting colour.