Home Care Tip – Condensation

The winter season along with its cold temperatures are upon us again in Alberta. As a result you may have noticed the normal and expected occurrence of condensation in your home.

Condensation is described as the process that occurs when water vapour in the air is changed into liquid water on a cool surface. Air can hold only a certain amount of water vapour at any given temperature. Condensation will occur if the air temperature is lowered by a surface that is cooler than the air's maximum water-vapour holding capacity.

When condensation appears on your windows, the immediate thought is that the window performance is compromised. At Laebon, we are proud to say we use only the highest quality products installed by industry professionals.

In reality, the culprit for condensation is not improperly installed or leaky windows. Your windows are warning you of a possible excess of humidity in your home. If this problem is ignored, it can become far worse than the condensation, and possibly form ice on your windows.

It is important to wipe up any water that accumulates on your window sills to avoid damage to the window trim, avoid water dripping onto walls and baseboards, thus avoiding the occurrence of mold or ice.

Being aware of how to control humidity in your home is the key to proper maintenance of your windows. When you moved into your Laebon home you were provided with a “Condensation” information sheet about how to control moisture in your home. Please refer to this sheet and follow the instructions provided to avoid excess humidity in your home causing condensation. In addition please refer to this article from one of our supplier partners, PlyGem   

Tips to help control and improve ventilation in your home...
1. Leave blinds and/or drapes open as wide as possible at night and open all window coverings during the day. This will increase the warm air circulation over the cool surface and increase the temperature of the glass.
2. Check the furnace filter and replace if dirty. A clean filter will ensure maximum flow.
3. Turn your humidifier off during the winter and anytime the temperature falls below 0 degrees C.
4. Always turn on the bathroom fan when bathing or showering. The best results are achieved when the fan is ducted directly to the outside. Humidistat controlled fans which automatically turn on when the humidity exceeds the setting on the switch is also available. Running the fan will also reduce the fogging of bathroom mirrors.
5. Run your furnace fan continuously. Most furnaces are equipped with a switch which allows the furnace fan to operate even when the furnace is not producing heat. If your furnace is not equipped with this type of switch, have one installed.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team, we are always happy to help.