Developing, building, growing and giving back... The Spirit of Community. 

Since 1976 Laebon has been a family owned and operated business that works together to responsibly develop land and build homes for families, young and old, in the beautiful towns and cities amid the plains of Central Alberta.

From starter and estate to apartments and recreational, Laebon has a home for any individual or family in any stage of life.

For Laebon, ‘The Spirit of Community’ is part of our team culture and has enabled us to build lasting successful communities, engage in environmental initiatives and give back to the community as a whole.

The Africa Project: A Better World

Since 1999, Laebon Homes has been a contributor to 'A Better World' ( A Better World was established in 1990 in Lacombe, Alberta and focused on a few small international projects. It has since grown to include people from all walks of life dedicated to improving lives without regard to ethnic, political or religious association. Employees of Laebon Homes have been proud to donate time, travel and money to this worldly cause that sees 100% of contributions go directly to the cause, it is entirely volunteer managed.

Building Opportunities Program

This program was designed and developed to empower Notre Dame High School students with the skills of the home building industry. As a credited class, students leave the classroom and learn hands-on while building a real home from the ground up. Each year, the Building Opportunities class donates the value of their labour to 'A Better World'.

Build A Kid To Cure

Laebon is pleased to be involved with the Build a Kid to Cure initiative.  Since 1976, the principles of developing, building, growing and giving back have guided our approach to creating lasting communities amid the beautiful landscape of Central Alberta.

In July, 2012 and 2013 we were proud to build the 6th & 7th annual Build a Kid to Cure home. Our team was challenged to build these homes 30 days or less.  Our team members, suppliers and trade partners generously donated their time and resources with the proceeds from these homes going to Kids Cancer Research and other local charities.

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